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A Bail Bond is an insurance contract between a Licensed Bail Bond Agent and the court.  It insures that the person in custody, if released on bond, will appear in court at all times when ordered to do so by the Judge. If the person fails to appear, the Bondsman and the Insurance Co are responsible. A Bail Bond Agent Charges 10% Of the total Penal Bail Amount. We will charge 8% to Military, Union members, Seniors or Attorney referred clients.

How It Works

Booking is the process by which the Police Or Sheriff's Department registers and enters charges against a person believed to have violated the law.  The process of booking includes recording of the inmate’s personal information and description, photograph (also known as mug shot), fingerprinting, and Department of Justice records check.  Additionally, personal property and money is taken from the inmate.  Jailers take custody of these items, verify the items, and record all items taken.

Included in the process upon entering the Jail, inmates are asked a series of medical questions to evaluate their physical and mental health.  Jailers conducting the booking provide the inmate with an orientation manual and items available to the inmate.  Finally, the inmate is allowed to make telephone calls in accordance with California Penal Code 851.1.  Once The department of justice record check is returned to the jailor indicating you are eligible and clear to post bail you will have 3 Choices:

1. Post the full bail In CERTIFIED FUNDS directly with the Police or Sheriff. After your case is over and the court has taken any fees or fines you owe, the remainder will be returned to you. Understand that this could take a substantial amount of time since you will be at the mercy of the County.

2. Stay in jail for 72 hours (excluding weekends or holidays) and go to court. If the District Attorney fails to file a case you will be released. If the District Attorney files a case you will be seen by a judge and you may post bail at that time. BE WARNED that you will have a limited amount of time at this point to get your bail posted. If it is not posted quickly, you will be transferred to the County Jail, prolonging your incarceration.

3. Use a Professional Bail Bondsman. The Bondsman is in essence an Insurance Agent that insures that you will appear at all times as directed until the case is over. The Bail Bondsman will Usually charge you 10%, He will require Some sort of collateral and or security to secure the full bail amount. We gladly accept signature guarantees, as well as offer Discounted Premium Rates.